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A Very Hungry and Patterned Caterpillar - All Ages Art Lesson with David Baker

Updated: Apr 28, 2020

Inspired by Eric Carle's classic, A Very Hungry Caterpillar, join South Haven Center for The Arts' Board Member and artist David Baker and his granddaughter Abigail as they explore tactile textures that create patterns at home with this crayon rubbing technique!

To get started, close your eyes and feel your surroundings. Are you reading this on your phone? Does your phone have a phone case? What does that feel like? Are you sitting at a table? Do you feel a heavy texture on the surface? Wood, metal, plastic, etc. Explore your home and get creative!

Let's grab some supplies. Please only use supplies you find at home. Do not feel the need to make a special trip for supplies. This activity can be completed with many different materials!

You will need...

  • Box of crayons

  • Pencil

  • Black pen or fine-tipped Sharpie marker

  • Glue stick

  • Scissors (children please use adult supervision)

  • A plain piece of paper, any kind! This will be for creating the rubbing texture and cut into circles later.

  • A larger solid-colored piece of paper: construction paper works great. This will be the background you glue your caterpillar to.

To begin, take your plain piece of paper and place it on top of your texture. Using the side of your crayon, gently start to rub the surface going in the same direction with medium-firm pressure. If you push too lightly, some details in your pattern may not show up. Investigate what type of pattern is created!

After creating desired patterns (choose several different ones!) take your pencil and trace or draw a circle in the center of your different patterned pages. Cut out circles and lay out your caterpillar pattern on the larger piece of construction paper.

Overlapping the edges of the patterned circles, use your glue stick to glue the circles onto the construction paper.

Complete with an expressive face, caterpillar legs, and an artist's signature and you have yourself one very hungry and patterned caterpillar.

Share your creativity with us, post your Very Hungry and Patterned Caterpillar's on or send them too


David Baker, South Haven Center for the Arts teaching artist and artist member shared this art activity with you. Stay tuned for more! If you are an art center artist and have an activity to share, reach out to Kerry at

To see more of David's artwork, check out David Baker's Artist Member feature and his work in the Online Member Exhibition, Setting Stones.

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