Adult Classes

Watercolor Workshop with Mary Guntzviller at the South Haven Center for the Arts


Member cost $275; non-members $300; Email

Minimum 5, Maximum 10 students


October Class October Wednesday, Thursday and Friday
12, 13, and 14, 2022


9:30 a.m.–4:30 p.m. EST
Lunch Break from 12:30–1:30 p.m.


THE B.S. CLASS  Beginning to intermediate

B.asic S.tuff! 

(B.rush  S.trokes! B.arn S.cale! B.lack S.hadow! B.lue S.carlet!)

Painters are a rare breed. We don’t give up. Painters attempt to produce visual images no one has ever seen, and concepts never tried before … every time we pick up a brush. Sometimes the painting is less than successful, but EVERY painting is a new experience, a new chance to expand our skills. This class will fill your artistic souls with information and confidence. Let’s practice basic stuff and how to apply it! If you have some basic knowledge we'll expand on it! We'll mix colors and discuss their properties. Bring questions!


Bring four 8x10 photos of the same scene you wish to paint. Two 8x10 in color, two in Black & White. You will paint them differently, using the “B.S.” we talk about.

We will also work on paintings I bring that will illustrate these points. Here’s some of the B.S. we will cover:


B.rush  S.troke:

Brushes are different shapes and thicknesses for a reason. Use brushes to their full potential! Make them work for you.

B.arn S.cale:

Perspective is scary, but you only need to know just the minimum about shapes to

make it work.

B.lack S.hadow:

How dark are shadows? Are they black? Using complementary colors.

B.lue S.carlet:

Warm and Cool. So essential, so ignored!

Gelli Printing Open Studio

Four Thursdays October 20, 27 and November 3, 10, 2 - 4pm

Studio fee for all four sessions: $16/members, $24/non-members

Make your own unique prints with reusable gel plates. 
All materials are included and no experience is needed to create one-of-a-kind, colorful papers to use to add more variety to your mixed media, journals, craft projects…..the possibilities are endless.  Explore this medium freely as your imagination runs wild in these 2 hour open studios. Artist Katrina Jones will be at sessions to provide support and guidance as needed.