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It's Your Theme, Do What You Want To Do

South Haven Center for the Arts 
Annual Themed Member Exhibition
May 6th through June 10th, 2023

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Join us for the opening reception Friday May 5th, from 5 - 7 PM

The South Haven Center for the Arts’ Exhibition Committee invites members to share artwork for the 74th Annual Member Exhibition. Typically a group themed show, this exhibition will have a theme personally selected by each artist. The Exhibition Committee looks forward to seeing how you interpret this open theme in concept and/or form. We ask you to share with us your personally selected theme.


Members may submit two (2) pieces for this exhibition. For wall hanging pieces, dimensions should be no more than 36”, including the frame. 3D pieces must fit through a standard door, weighing no more than 50lbs. Pieces must be wired and ready to hang. We ask for submitted artwork created within the last 2 years.


Artwork not meeting these guidelines will not be hung or displayed.   


Exhibition Terms and Conditions

 Deliver/Pick-up work: Deliver and pick up work at the SHCA during the times listed below or by 

appointment. Any work not picked up after 30 days of the exhibition’s closing may become 

property of the South Haven Center for the Arts. No work will be released before the close of 

the exhibit.  

            Gallery Hours: 

                        Monday: Closed 

                        Tuesday: Closed (office hours available) 

                        Wednesday: 11 am–4 pm 

                        Thursday: 11 am–6 pm 

                        Friday: 11 am–4 pm 

                        Saturday: 11 am–4 pm 

                        Sunday: Closed 


Sales Price: Sales will be encouraged. You may not alter the price of work after submitting your 

application. The South Haven Center for the Arts will receive 35% commission for sale of any 

work. The SHCA reserves the right to photographically reproduce accepted entries for publicity purposes.


Hand Delivery: Works can be hand-delivered during specified delivery and pick-up times. Work 

must be labeled with artist name, title, medium, and price. Unsold pieces of art that are not to 

be return-shipped must be picked up during posted gallery hours on one of the dates below. If the unsold pieces are not retrieved within two weeks of exhibition close, and 

pickup arrangements have not been agreed upon, the items will become the property of the 

South Haven Center for the Arts. Packaging for artwork may be stored at the SHCA and a name 

label must be put on every piece of packaging to be stored at the art center. Instructions for any 

special handling or re-packing needs must be included. 


Removing artwork: No artwork may be removed by the artist prior to the conclusion of the 

exhibition. SHCA reserves the right to temporarily remove any piece of work for reasons the 

organization deems necessary.


Installation: Only works appropriately prepared for installation will be accepted. Work must be 

labeled on the back with artist name, title, medium, and price. 3D works must be stable and pose no 

physical threat to visitors. No work can be hung from the ceiling. 2D work must be “ready to 

hang,” including wire. No saw tooth hangers or exposed glass edges allowed. If any special 

hardware is needed for hanging, it must be included with work when dropped off, along with 

hanging instructions. Wire must be at least 2 inches below the top of the frame. Look closely, if 

your frame is wide, you want to leave enough space for a hanger to fit below the inner edge of 

the frame so that it will hang appropriately.

Maximum size is 36 inches including the frame for wall hung work. 3D work must fit through a standard door and weigh no more than 50lbs. We ask for submitted artwork created within the last 2 years.


Insurance: South Haven Center for the Arts staff and volunteers will handle your work with care. South Haven Center for the Arts carries art insurance for work on display in the gallery. The art center is not responsible for insuring artwork when it is traveling to and from the gallery.


Important Dates 

• Submit for as soon as possible, it helps us plan!


 Drop Off artwork: 

-Wednesday, April 26, 11am – 4pm

-Thursday, April 27, 11am – 6pm

-Friday, April 28,  11am - 4pm

-Saturday, April 29, 11am – 4pm, Last possible day to enter and deliver work

 (or by appointment) 


 • Opening Reception: Friday, May 5, 5–7pm  


 Last day of the Exhibition: Saturday, June 10


• Pick-Up artwork:

           -Saturday, June 10, 4pm – 4:30pm

           -Wednesday, June 14, 11am – 4pm

           -Thursday, June 15, 11am – 4pm

           -Friday, June 16, 11am – 4pm

           -Saturday, June 17, 11am – 4pm

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