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Summer Internship Opportunity Description

Posted July 1, 2020



Position Description

The SHCA intern will assist with the online programming, virtual exhibitions and events, and grab and go art kits for local students, as well as some administrative tasks. Intern will participate in outdoor work and online work, as well as virtual meetings and events.


The intern will be supervised by SHCA Executive Director, Kerry Hagy. The intern will work in collaboration with other SHCA staff when appropriate.

This position will provide a learning environment for the intern in the fields of arts and art administration and will further the art centers mission to Enrich Our Community through the Arts.



The goals of the SHCA Summer Internship Program are to provide the intern with an understanding of how the art center operates on a daily basis as a non-profit cultural organization, and gain experience to help build a solid foundation moving forward in the field of arts and culture. Experience will be gained in arts education, arts non-profits, graphic design and communications.



The successful candidate must have completed one year of high school as well as the following:


  • Demonstrated interest in the arts and positive attitude about arts and culture

  • Record of achievement that demonstrates the ability to work independently for this remote internship

  • Cooperative attitude

  • Willingness to learn and operate as a valued member of the SHCA team

  • Due to the virtual nature of this internship, the candidate will have to have access to an internet connection. We maybe able to provide a computer with digital software.



  • Social Media Marketing: Intern will work with the director and staff to create social media posts around the current events, exhibitions and activities of the art center. Both graphic design and writing skills are needed.

  • Website content: Intern will create original content for the art center website in form of blog posts that engage our audience including members, families and students.

  • Arts out reach programming through art kits:  Intern will create several take and go art kits for our community partners.

  • Collaboration: Activities of the internship in the previous three categories can be based on interns interest and skills with the goals of engaging in our mission of enriching our community through the arts.



  • The intern will work the 35 hours required under the funding of this internship and will be paid minimum wage as is current at the time of the internship. This internship takes place in July and August of 2020. Executive Director Kerry Hagy will work with the intern to schedule the interns hours.

  • The intern will work no more than eight hours maximum per shift, and will be given one fifteen-minute break every four hours, as well as a half-hour for lunch in an eight-hour shift.


Training & Evaluation

General orientation provided by SHCA Executive Director Kerry Hagy. The Executive Director will provide the intern with performance feedback at the mid-point and end of the internship.


Dress Code

Intern must dress in a professional manner.


Equal Employment Opportunity

It is the policy of the South Haven Center for the Arts to provide equal employment opportunities to all persons without regard to race, religious background, creed, color, national origin, age, height weight, gender, parental status(including pregnancy), sexual orientation, gender identification, disability, military affiliation or labor organization.

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