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Bike Rack Project

Over the past many years, the City of South Haven, Van Buren County, and the Michigan DNR—along with other community organizations, various Friends groups, and the South Haven Visitors Bureau—have developed and promoted the use of local land and water-based trails in the area. In 2019, South Haven was one of four communities in Michigan to be designated as a Pure Michigan Trail Town in reflection of this effort.

Over the past year, outdoor recreational use has experienced significant growth, particularly with biking.


18 Mural Bike Racks: The South Haven Center for the Arts strives to feature local artists and celebrate our town. 18 Bike racks have been fabricated from steel by a local steel artist. These racks have been provided to selected artists and have been painted with their unique designs. The bike racks have been donated to the City of South Haven for display and use by the DDA and CVB (South Haven Visitor’s Bureau) in the downtown district of South Haven. The racks are installed seasonally and removed for the winter by the City of South Haven and have a sign mounted on them that designates them as part of the South Haven Trail Town Initiative.

David Baker 
Located on Williams Street in front of Old Harbor Inn

Artist Bio

David Baker is a visual artist who specializes in poetic landscape painting, much of it done en plein air. His studio pieces are often reinterpretations of paintings done outdoors. His principle media are watercolor, oil, and charcoal.


David is a lifelong artist/teacher. He recently retired as art professor Emeritus from Southwestern Michigan College. He earned his MFA degree from Indiana State University. Over the years he has mounted more than four dozen solo exhibits. He has taught at Krasl Art Center since 2016 and Ox-Bow School of Art since 2000. He has served on board of the South Haven Center for the Arts since 2017. He is represented by Rising Phoenix Gallery in Michigan City.

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Artist Statement

My bike rack proposal is a four panel, illustrated narrative poem painted on the four wheel discs. It is a whimsical children’s fantasy and also a nod to surrealist painter Rene Magritte. The poem reads left to right, but can be started on either side of the rack. Principally, it features South Haven as the blueberry capital of the world. Additionally, it references the city’s importance in the peach industry, and shows local landmarks and civic events. The framework of the bicycle will be painted blueberry blue.

David Baker

Erica Bradshaw
Located in front of City Hall

Artist Statement

Artist Bio

My name is Erica Bradshaw, a mixed media artist from Kalamazoo. I am drawn to the variety of textures and patterns

found in our natural environment. In nature there is connection and growth everywhere--characteristics I strive to embody

as a person and artist. A goal of mine is to embrace the process behind techniques and absorb what makes them

successful. This approach creates a large variety within my work that allows me to look at new projects from all angles. A

message that remains present throughout my work is wonder and introspection. I enjoy making pieces that can create

thought-provoking questions within the viewer. Thoughts of the possibility of bettering themselves, the world around them, or as simple as embracing their curiosity. No matter our age we have the capability to grow from our experiences and interactions. Art has been a vessel for me to do so. I hope that viewing my work helps people better understand the

environment around them, and can help inspire change.

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My bike rack design is what comes to mind when thinking of spring and summertime in Michigan. It's a time when animals

of all kinds start to emerge and the sun shining makes me feel like I can breathe again. I think anyone spending time in

warm, sunny, Michigan weather can relate. There is a feeling of curiosity, exploration, and beautiful color everywhere.

Growing up on 15 acres of field land, I wanted to include some things I remember my spring and summertime by. Things

that I loved seeing as a kid, and I still cherish as an adult. Some of these include, The fawn seen along walking paths and

trails. The Grape Hyacinth that blooms along paths and in gardens. The rabbit nests that I would come across and keep

watch over in the grasses. The daffodils that I see nestled along the roadside. The eye-catching Swallowtail butterflies

and the sunsets make you want to pause time and sit with them forever. I hope that this imagery resonates with those who

come across it and encourages them to notice the small moments they have with nature. The moments that will stay with

them for years to come.

Erica Bradshaw

Jessica Byers
Located in Dyckman Park