Honoring Our Pets: Animal Rock Paintings

Updated: Sep 23, 2020

Created by Maya Ankenbruck

Hello, I'm Maya Ankenbruck here on behalf of the South Haven Center for the Arts.

As we are focused on Frida Kahlo, I think it's important to mention her love of animals. She loved her various animals as children and owned macaws and parakeets, Bonito the parrot, a fawn named Granizo, spider monkeys, Fulang Chang and Caimito de Guayabal, an eagle and hairless Xoloitzcuintli dogs with ancient Aztec lineage. These animals would often be shown in her paintings. They were her companions, her friends.

I would like all of you to think about your pets and possibly how you have become closer with them through this time of staying at home and staying safe. I personally have a box turtle named Mabel and I do feel like I know her routines and mannerisms better now. I would love to see pictures of your pets in quarantine, or an imaginary pet, or your stuffed animal that is your companion.

Materials Needed