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Paola Gracida: Artist Feature

Updated: Aug 26, 2020

Paola Gracida: Ceramicist and Instructor

Join Paola's Frida Kahlo's Garden Virtual Presentation on ZOOM June 4th, at 5:00 PM EST

Working as a designer and life circumstances led me to live abroad in different countries. Moving constantly provided me with a diverse background dosed with contrasting cultures.

Over the years, contemplating Mexican, Swedish, Finnish, Brazilian and American cultures, taught me to question my own perceptions of life and beliefs. At the end it transcends any cultural cliché and becomes ‘human’.

Having to start over in life multiple times, time and self reflection have become significant tools to me. It awakens my perception and capability of receiving and letting go of things that define me. It makes me aware of my own fundamental existence, and how I can change without losing myself.

There is something about ceramics that is similar to this life experience. Clay as a material is such a dynamic medium: It is constantly changing and the process of ceramics literally pulls you to be in the present, giving you a continuous feedback, reflecting all your actions. It educates your movements mastered through repetition.

Through my work I want to convey contrast and openness at the same time. I am interested in creating pieces with an essence that can be redefined by others. They make the process of time and different cultures tangible.Born in Mexico City, I studied Industrial Design at the National University of Mexico UNAM, and graduated with a Master in Advanced Product Design at the Umea Institute of Design, Sweden.

Currently I live in Saint Joseph, Michigan and work as a ceramics teacher at Krasl Art Center.

The South Haven Center for the Arts looks forward to Paola's curation of the Exhibition, Common Thread. Look out for Common Thread during our 2021 Exhibition season. Check out Paola's website to shop her work and learn more about her practice.


Paola Gracida is a South Haven Center for the Arts Artist Member. As a benefit of this membership level, we are proud to be featuring Artists Members on our blog. If you are an artist member and want to be featured, email us at Want to be an artist member? See more information here:

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