Frida Is Coming To Our House, So I Paid A Visit To Hers by Carol Trittschuh

Updated: Aug 26, 2020

We invite you to join Carol Trittschuh, a dedicated board member and volunteer for the South Haven Center for the Arts, as she shares stories from her visit to Frida Kahlo's home in Mexico City, Casa Azul. Written below is Carol's narrative.

My husband and I spend many weeks in Mexico every year and, as a former Spanish teacher who loves to practice her language skills, we always feel comfortable there. Knowing that Frida was coming to South Haven, we decided to pay a visit to the home where she and her husband, Diego Rivera, lived in Coyoacan just outside Mexico City. John and I took a bus from Acapulco to Mexico City (5 hours each way). The next day we headed out to Frida's and had no trouble spotting her aptly-named "Casa Azul" - Blue House. We joined the line for reservation-holders and were happy to see it was only half a block long. We entered and immediately caught a glimpse of her garden area; so beautiful and welcoming. The tide of visitors, however, was quickly directed to make a sharp left and enter the first wing of her house. The garden would have to wait!


Frida Kahlo lived in this house, wit