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Eye on the Future

Updated: Mar 26, 2020

Leave gray skies behind this winter and brighten your day with a brilliant splash of color at the South Haven Center for the Arts. In its 67th year, Artists of Tomorrow—through March 28—gives art students an opportunity to communicate visually in a professional gallery setting. The exhibition, sponsored by South Haven Public Schools and the Michigan Council for Arts & Cultural Affairs, allows students, parents, and the community to step into the visual world of young artists.

Participating this year are students from South Haven, Bangor, and Covert public schools, St. Paul Lutheran, St. Basil, and Van Buren Tech. Art teachers are Sarah Rydecki, Tanya Ebert, and Wynn Wikman of South Haven, Kelsey Vollrath of Covert, Chris Measzros and Zach Page-Wood of Bangor, Mary Harris of St. Paul, Naima Abdul-Haqq of St. Basil, and Kelly Vander Kley and Kimberly Wood of Van Buren Tech.

Teachers agree that for many students, Artists of Tomorrow is the first opportunity they have to share their artwork beyond the classroom. Preparing and participating for such an event helps students build skills of self-reflection and critique, and gives them a sense of confidence and pride as others view their work.

To be chosen to exhibit, teachers look for submissions containing original ideas, unique vision, and the technical ability needed to execute the work. These criteria resulted in a show with the makings of a professional exhibit. The collection holds illustrations, screen prints, watercolors, acrylics, photography, collage, digital works and sculpture, created with materials ranging from prismacolor pencils to a discarded book.

Students explored portraiture, architecture, Mexican heritage, eyes, and even social-emotional learning through creative expression to address the stress and anxiety plaguing kids in today's society.

The impact of this type of experience can help students grow and learn in the arts, develop a personal style, and transition from student to working professional. They are our future graphic designers, art directors, animators, videographers, and fine artists. The look on their faces when they are recognized for their time, effort, and talent is beyond words.

Artwork left to right: Spiraling, Kaitlyn Hamacher; Haring and the Blobs, Finn Roberts; Untitled, Kyra Gumpert; Entangled, Morgan Welch; Lust, Max Erb; Rainy Reflections, Katherine Sanchez

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