Coffee (or tea) Critters with Artist Katrina Jones

Updated: Mar 26, 2020


Make art with South Haven Center for the Arts teaching artist Katrina Jones.

Ask a grown-up to make some strong coffee or tea for a fun art project. Coffee rings or soggy teabags make fun designs on paper that you can turn into fun critters by using your imagination.

Try dropping a teabag onto a piece of paper . . . SPLAT! . . . and let it sit there for a few minutes (to get darker) and then remove. Let it dry and create! Or while your puddle is still wet, blow on it with a straw.

Or, set a coffee cup in a saucer of coffee and then set it on a piece of paper. You can even wiggle it around a bit to make some different designs.

Use your imagination.

Here are examples of some critters made from