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Coffee (or tea) Critters with Artist Katrina Jones

Updated: Mar 26, 2020


Make art with South Haven Center for the Arts teaching artist Katrina Jones.

Ask a grown-up to make some strong coffee or tea for a fun art project. Coffee rings or soggy teabags make fun designs on paper that you can turn into fun critters by using your imagination.

Try dropping a teabag onto a piece of paper . . . SPLAT! . . . and let it sit there for a few minutes (to get darker) and then remove. Let it dry and create! Or while your puddle is still wet, blow on it with a straw.

Or, set a coffee cup in a saucer of coffee and then set it on a piece of paper. You can even wiggle it around a bit to make some different designs.

Use your imagination.

Here are examples of some critters made from coffee/tea stains, just done in pencil or a fine black marker. You can use colored pencils or pens or anything!

Share your creativity with us, post your Coffee and Tea critters on or send them too

Katrina Jones, South Haven Center for the Arts teaching artist and artist member shared this art activity with you. Stay tuned for more! If you are an art center artist and have an activity to share, reach out to Kerry at

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