Baseline Middle School Banner at the South Haven Center for the Arts

Baseline Middle School students, led by their art teacher Sarah Rydecki, have created a

banner that is now part of the exterior decoration of the South Haven Center for the Arts.

This collaborative work expresses unity, diversity, and the power of the visual arts. 

When school closed in March, Mrs. Rydecki posted an art project through the district website

asking her art students to decorate the shapes of hands. Thirty artists worked on the project at

home and turned in the assignment when they came to school to clean out their lockers for

the school year.

“The original idea was not to create a banner,” explained Mrs. Rydecki. The kids were all set

to paint flowers cut out of plywood to decorate the lawn in front of City Hall as part of the

project created by the art center for the 2020 Frida Kahlo exhibition.“ It came to me organically