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Art Center Brings Public Art to Town

Updated: Aug 26, 2020

Don’t be surprised if you run into the work of famous artists from all over the world while strolling around town this summer.

The South Haven Center for the Arts has partnered with the Detroit Institute of Arts to bring an outdoor exhibit called “Inside|Out” to public spaces in South Haven this June through November.

With the support of the City of South Haven and the Department of Public Works, free-standing and wall-mounted reproductions of paintings by Vincent Van Gogh, Edgar Degas, Pieter Bruegel and 12 other works from the DIA’s permanent collection are on view within walking and biking distance of South Haven.

Monroe Bluff, Stanley Johnson Park, SHOUT Park, Packard Park, Elkenberg Park, City Hall, Hotel Nichols, the Liberty Hyde Bailey Museum, the South Haven Visitors Bureau, the South Haven Community Garden, South Beach, Cogdal Vineyards, Martha’s Vineyard and the South Haven Center for the Arts are hosting the artwork.

“The South Haven Center for the Arts is grateful for the support and approval of the City Council and the Parks Commission to install the pieces,” said SHCA Executive Director Kerry Hagy. “Our hope is that by including Martha’s Vineyard and Cogdal Vineyards we can draw more people into South Haven to enjoy the work.”

The DIA has also awarded the art center a $2,000 stipend, which the SHCA plans to use for a mobile Art Cart that will be part of a new community outreach program this fall.

According to the DIA, “Inside|Out is a popular component of the DIA’s community outreach program. For the past 10 years, the museum has worked with more than 100 communities and engaged tens of thousands with art in places where they live, work and play.” DIA Director Salvador Salort-Pons said, “For a decade, this program has been bringing culture and history that must be experienced in person to the communities we serve, providing an experience that cannot be found on TV or the Internet.”

“It is a pleasure to partner with the South Haven Center for the Arts to bring the DIA program to our community,” said South Haven Mayor Scott Smith. “This display of artwork provides a unique opportunity to residents and visitors to enjoy an additional cultural experience in our city. We welcome everyone to come and see the art.”

Maps are available at the art center or print one here. Call the South Haven Center for the Arts at (269) 637-1041 or email for more information.

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