A Moment of Joy

Updated: May 5

Thanks to financial planner Paul Hix of South Haven and Michael Morey, Lou Rodriquez’s sculpture “A Moment of Joy” is permanently installed on Phoenix St. in South Haven’s historic downtown district.

Rodriquez fabricated the giant hummingbird and flowers from steel, and used color-shifting paints that shift from green to purple to blue depending on the viewing angle. “It reminds me of the iridescent quality of hummingbirds in nature,” said Rodriquez.

Rodriquez took part in local art competitions while growing up in South Haven, and moved on to creating costumes and movie props as an adult. He participated in a local ice carving contest in 2009, and the experience sparked an interest in sculpture. A welder and steel fabricator at RCI Adventure Products in Holland, Mich., Rodriquez transitioned from ice to steel and fabricated his first piece, “A Dragon for Jonas,” in 2010, which finished in the top 25 at ArtPrize—an international public art competition held every two years in Grand Rapids, Mich. Learn more about Lou.