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Maris Soule: Artist Feature

Maris Soule Artist, Author, Teacher

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Maris Soule earned a Bachelor's in Art from UC Davis, and a secondary level teaching degree from UC Berkeley. She taught middle school and high school art for eight years, but now spends most of her time writing novels. Art has become a means of relaxation for Maris, and she’s taken several classes at the South Haven Center for the Arts. She also loves attending SHCA exhibitions to see the work of other artists. Although she started out working in oil, over the years, due to limited space, she has switched to acrylics and watercolors.


I generally work from a photo, but the end result may or may not resemble the photo. I like to experiment with different techniques and surfaces. Space has changed my practice over the years. Whereas I started with oils on large canvases, as my living space has shrunk, so have my paintings. Nature and animals dominate my work, and, of course, paintings of shorelines and sunsets.


For me, it’s a paintbrush, but I’m not picky. Give me pigment, a brush, and a blank surface, and I’m happy.

Paintings by Maris Soule


Maris Soule is a South Haven Center for the Arts artist member. As a benefit of this membership level, we are proud to be featuring artist members on our blog. If you are an artist member and would like to be featured, email us at Interesting in becoming an artist member? See more information here:

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