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Color, Color, Color Abounds

Updated: Mar 26, 2020

It's true what they say: Kids have no fear.

Artists of Tomorrow, an exhibition featuring the work of elementary students from South Haven, Bangor, and Covert schools, is visual proof. Their developing minds have soared above and beyond in creative expression, as they do each year for a show the art center designs for kids to display their work in a gallery setting.

Step into a world of vivid color and explore other cultures like the Amazon, Madagascar, the canals of Xochimilco (pronounced So-chee-milk-o) near Mexico City, and Dia de los Muertos. Immerse yourself into desert and seasonal landscapes, and enjoy interpretations of architecture, food, robots, self-portraits, and lots and lots of animals.

The kids explored surrealism, pointillism, and other creative styles using observational drawing, non-objective art, complementary colors, perspective, texture, symmetry, and other techniques taught by the talented art teachers that grace our area schools.

When asked if they might like to be an artist someday, many students say yes. They are delighted to see their work on the walls of the art center. They are excited to find their piece of artwork and tell their parents and friends about it. And many wait expectantly for the review.

Teachers agree that for many students, Artists of Tomorrow is the first time their work has been exhibited outside school walls. The exhibition, which runs through March 28, gives other students, families, and the community a chance to see what kids are thinking about and expressing visually.

Elementary student artists come from South Haven, Bangor, and Covert public schools, and St. Paul Lutheran, and St. Basil in South Haven. This year's elementary school art teachers are Sarah Rydecki and Tanya Ebert of South Haven, Kelsey Vollrath of Covert, Chris Measzros and Zach Page-Wood of Bangor, Mary Harris of St. Paul, and Naima Abdul-Haqq of St. Basil,

Artists of Tomorrow is sponsored by South Haven Public Schools and the Michigan Council for Arts & Cultural Affairs.

Artwork created by (left to right) Isabel Lounsbury, Bangor; Nadia Hernandez, Covert; Diana Villanueva, Covert; Isabel Marin-Hernandez, Bangor; Amiah Jodan, Covert; Destiny Harrington-Jones, South Haven.

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