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Celebrate Mexican Artist Frida Kahlo

and Her Iconic Dress Style

Join us in a Dress-Like-Frida Birthday Celebration

Virtual Celebration Opening - July 7, 2020

This is the 117th year since Frida Kahlo’s birth

In her brief life of 47 years (1907 – 1954) she created self-portraits, paintings, drawings, gardens, and diary sketchbooks. She loved her country and the ideals of Post Revolution Mexico, especially the traditions of working class people. These included costume.

Frida’s “look” was defined by her iconic skirts and blouses taken from the Tehuana-society peasant dress from the Mexican State of Oaxaca.

Bed-ridden for long periods Frida had to create her own world through her garden, art collections and pets.

According to Paola Gracida, Mexican artist who lives in Michigan, “Being at home was a constant circumstance in Frida’s life…corresponding to our current situation when we can draw inspiration from the things around us. Thinking about the company, comfort and love our pets bring to our everyday lives. A part of our family and world.”

Take inspiration from Frida’s own work and let your creativity guide you to include other elements from your environment.

Guidelines for Entry:

Who may enter: Anyone, any gender, all ages welcome!

What to enter: One photo, a portrait or full figure, of yourself or family members, in .JPG format, emailed to Please email photos by July 3rd.

What to include in your image: The main visual elements are a person with a single eyebrow like Frida’s, a flower hairpiece, a rose or red colored shawl, and a background with plants and leaves.

What to include in your email: When emailing your photo to please include this information: 

Name, address, phone, email, title (if applicable) and brief comments about your entry.

Images will be added to an online gallery on this page and shared on all our online platforms including on Facebook and Instagram. No personal information will be shared with the posts, just the photos.

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