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Updated: Jun 6, 2023

Thank you to all the artists joining us at the South Haven Art Fair on July 1 and July 2

at Stanley Johnston Park.


Kelly Lyons andJohn Lucassian Lucky Bunny Arts

Kathy Veverka Spring Flower Pottery

Robin Nidelcheff Studio

Christine Zinn Zinn Fire Pottery

Christinia Green Creative Clay Creations

Sheila Koeman Sheila Koeman Pottery

Emily Horst Woodland Clay

Kate Lake Misty Morning Craft s

Jane Mejia-Borja JMB Ceramics LLC

Jeffrey Saylor Good Fortune Pottery

Carisa Passalacqua

Digital Art

Jesse Kunerth Dose Creative


Miranda Heward

Haylee M. Shoop HMdesignStudios

Joe Michalski Spacesuit Self LLC

Fiber Judith Brook Moondance Fiber Art

Melissa BrackenThe Happy Groundhog Studio

Shirleigh Vinson Shirleigh's Marbled Art

Jennifer Akese-Burney Akese Stylelines

Amelia Volwiler-Stanley

Sawai Namewicha CUT OUT DESIGNS

Kathleen Zien

Emily Fitzgerald Emily Fitzgerald Designs

Debbie Van Gorp All Tied Up Boutique


Kathleen Standard Tree of Life

Carolyn and Leonard Wilson The Glass Haus

Kathryn Woodruff All About Glass Art


Diane Wright Diane Wright Designs

Debra Flook Birch and Blooms

Bernadette Szajna All For The Better Designs

Leah and Nita Brown The Larimar Girls

Luis Perez Zerep LLC

Christina King Ziegler Ziegler Designs LLC

April Seybold Seybol Designs

Susan Larsen Susan Larsen Design

Jacqueline Baker Dragons Fly

Matt Breunig Jewelry by Matt Breunig

Lena Walsh Lena Oh Studio

Angela Welti BJ Creations

Jenn Gietzen Tumble and Twine

Greg and BJ Jordan Jordan Fine Art Jewelry

Melissa Woods Funky Jewelry

Sally Phillips

Paul Albritton Albritton Gallery

Maria Aguayo Beneath The Dirt Designs

Renee Batt RB2 designs

Mixed Media

Alexa Karabin Alexa K.

Tia Riva Geniene Inspirational Art

Carol Bramblett Reel It Up

Ruth Jellema Fabrications

Armando Pedroso Blue Vieira Art Studio Inc.

Donna Vogtmann D Vogtmann art


Susan Anderson Susan Anderson Paintings

Megan Litts Maude Studios

Marshelia Williams The Son's Creations

C Lang Coleman C Coleman Art

Gerard Lewandowski

Lorraine Orner Paintings by Lorraine Orner

Katrina Jones

Jesse Link Link Creative

Taylor May

Sarah Johnson Sarah M Johnson Art

Anita Brett

Anna Barnhart The Art of Anna Barnhart

Rebecca Butler Watercolors by R Butler

Kenya Ferrand-Ott Naughty Dog studio

Carl Carter Carl Carter Arts

Robin Reva Meadowland at 204

Heidi Walsh Inkprint Studio

Elisabeth Sullivan

Theresa Clark

Emily Winkel


Rita Anthony Rita Anthony Photography

Kenyatta Ray Salt of Dearth

William Christiansen Wm Christiansen Photography

James Richmond Richmond Photography LLC


Donald Bomeli

Kenneth Keifer Kenneth Keifer Photography

Doug Markusic

Nels Johnson Nels Johnson

Brian Doyle Brian Doyle Photo

Bradford Pollack Bradford Pollack Photography

Amanda Gray-Swain and Andrew James Sprouted Designs


Michael Kutch Barn Bridge Hill Salvage Art

Timothy Emmons Recycled Nature

Jonathan Rose Hands On Fire

Birdie McBride Lake Superior Drift Co Http://

Casey Bell

Sean Klinksiek SK Custom Stone Carving

Robert Barkley Michigan Made Metal

Suphattra Pollack Joy's Clay Flowers


Marilyn and Mark Poffenberger Mark and Mare Handcrafted Creations

Julie Bowen JB Reclaimed Design

Byron Kelly

Larry Gildea Larry Gildea LLC

John Singleton JC's Custom Woodworking LLC

Simon and Joy Tarasiewicz Toy Tree

Family and Art Activities!

Joseph Goddard Hands Unlimited

Noor Memon Magic Walk Art LLC Henna Painting

Christopher LaPort Caricature Drawing

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South Haven Center for the Arts' staff, Noelle Ringer, Sarah Rydecki, Sophie Burton and Kerry Hagy, will be exhibiting their work in the Pocket Gallery through 29, 2023. Please see a sample of the exhibition below with photos by Trenton Trim, read staff artists statements, and learn more about the pocket gallery at the Center.

Kerry Hagy’s Artist Statement

Always an arts administrator, never an artist. Maybe I like it that way. In fact, I usually am making things, even if not bringing work to completion. So perhaps, always an artist, even if I am spending an inordinate amount of time with budgets and writing. I so appreciate this opportunity to show work beside the talented other perpetual-artists-of-the-Center: Noelle, Sarah and Sophie. The fact that we, the artists want to play, explore, discover, understand and do is part of what brings this Center for the Arts to life!

These works are sketches that explore color, composition, and light. This series emerged because yellow compelled me to study and play with it. I collaged found materials and a variety of paint, marker, pen and office supplies. The drawings are made ever sweeter to me because of the help I got from friends including Carol Myers’ assortment of interesting pens and markers to experiment with, the Heaton’s vinyl sign scraps, and Katrina Jones’ careful matting and framing.

Noelle Ringer’s Artist Statement

My work is deeply inspired by our Lake Michigan shoreline. Everything is hand thrown on the potter’s wheel and no two pieces are alike, giving individuality to each piece. I received a Bachelor of Fine Arts with an emphasis in ceramics from Western Michigan University in 2016 and I have been working in clay since 2013. In 2019, I joined the South Haven Center for the Arts staff as the Exhibition Coordinator and have enjoyed connecting to the community through the arts for the past 4 years.

Simple lines and textural elements of my work are inspired by spontaneous and flowing movements that happen organically in nature. The edge of the tide flowing along the shore, or the intricate grooves and patterns of a rock ignite discovery within my work. Studying color, texture, line, and form has opened new avenues to create for me using clay, paper, and paint. My work is ever changing as I navigate new experiences and stages of life.

Sarah Rydecki’s Artist Statement

When I was a newly hired South Haven Public Schools art teacher in 1994, I first walked through the doors of the South Haven Center for the Arts. I have been involved on and off ever since and am currently working as the Education Coordinator. Here, I feel inspired as an artist and very grateful as an art educator to be able to continue my love for sharing the joy of art with others.

As a collector of found objects, art supplies, and words, I find joy in playfully bringing parts together in ways that express ideas inspired by connectedness, nature, memories, and stories. I believe that the act of play and creating is a thread that connects us; past to present and person to person. So, five months ago when I discovered needle felting with wool, that idea of the fibers as threads opened a new door to combining bits of my collections. I look forward to exploring more possibilities as I continue to work with this medium.

‘My Wish…’ is inspired by a piece of my life and from some song lyrics and the images they evoke in my mind.

‘Tumbled and Settled’ comes from the wonder I feel for those things that get beaten and battered by waves and end up being shaped, smoothed, and made uniquely more beautiful.

In ‘Merge’ I fuse natural and human-made objects to express the idea of balance between the two in our world.

Sophie Burton’s Artist Statement

I am Sophie Burton.

I started working at the South Haven Center for the Arts in November 2021, as Arts Coordinator. I’ve worked a lot of jobs consistently since senior year of high school. Working at the Center has been the most nurturing workplace I’ve worked in, and I’m happy to exhibit my art alongside my wonderful coworkers.

I am an artist, a creative soul. Animation, digital art, traditional art, oils and acrylics, watercolors and pencils, micron pens and markers, I could go all day listing the art formats and mediums that inspire me to create, but it’s a never-ending list, one that will continue to grow with me as I continue to experience life. I hope to keep my innate curiosity forever, to be just as passionate about learning new ways to create as I am today, as I was as a child. I do not know where life will lead me, I do not know what profession is right for me; but, I know I am an artist and always will be, that will never change.

About the Pocket Gallery at the South Haven Center for the Arts

The Pocket Gallery season is typically from May until October feature artists of the South Haven Center for the Arts, and occassionally we will have a display in April along with the student exhibitions - this year staff are looking forward to sharing their work with our members and friends! We are currently accepting applications for the 2024 and 2025 pocket gallery season.

Registration form here. The pocket gallery is a volunteer coordinated program- and we are grateful to Katrina Jones, pocket gallery curator for all of her work and for installing this staff exhibition so beautifully (and thank you to Doug Jones too!)

Coming in 2023 in the Pocket Gallery:

May: Sara Youngman May 5 - May 27 Opening Reception Thursday, May 4, 4-6pm

June: Ron Richardson June 2 – July 1 Opening Reception Thursday, June 1, 4-6pm

July: David Baker July 7 – July 29 Opening Reception Thursday, July 6, 4-6pm

August: Sheryl and Steven Drenth August 4 – September 2 Opening Reception Thursday, August 3, 4-6pm

September: Carol Jeffers September 8 – September 29 Opening Reception Thursday, September 7, 4-6pm

October: Dorris Akers October 6 – October 28 Opening Reception Thursday, October 5, 4-6pm

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Updated: Jul 11, 2022

In our Southwest Michigan community, there is a Van Buren county community. Within the county exists our South Haven community and within South Haven many smaller "communities" that I had the pleasure of visiting through Block Parties.

These blocks were made at a community place where many come together for well-being fellowship and fun...Senior Services of Van Buren County.

In a room within the Senior Center, the artists who made them gather weekly to form their own small community. They come together to connect, create, share, and be inspired. This is the beauty of communities, both large and small, and it is the beauty of our community project...creating together and connecting!

Create and Connect is a community art initiative lead by artist Sarah Rydecki in collaboration with the South Haven Center for the Arts, the South Haven Memorial Library, and the Mitten Children's Museum. Dozens of other organizations and community members contributed to this project, and we are so grateful to each of you. The project is made possible through funding from the Michigan Arts and Culture Council, Arts Midwest and the National Endowment for the Arts. The project was made possible through funding from the Michigan Arts and Culture Council, Arts Midwest and the National Endowment for the Arts.

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