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West Michigan Redux

July 30 through September 17, 2022

Opening Reception July 30, 2 - 4 PM


Exhibiting Artists

Dwayne Lowder

John Link

Curtis Rhodes

Don King

John Carney

Dora Natella

Josh Miller
Honore Lee

Rodman Goodwin

Russell Pensyl

Diana-Sofia Estrada

Alexandra Lewis

West Michigan Redux group Exhibition illuminates some of the obscure influences within the teacher/student relationship in art schools. A more apt description is the “mentor/mentee” relationship. The show will bring together work from one specific school’s professors and students from a specific era. Initiated by a group of four students of Western Michigan University from the 80s, and approaching some of those faculty with whom they studied, hope to reveal the impact of our interactions.

Join us Aug 24, 2:00 PM – 4:00 PM

West Michigan Redux Exhibition Artist Conversation with Russell Pensyl, Rod Goodman, and Franklin Einspurch.


Labna: Mayan Firewall, 2012, Curtis Rhodes

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