West Michigan Redux

July 30 through September 17, 2022

Opening Reception July 30, 2 - 4 PM


Exhibiting Artists

Dwayne Lowder

John Link

Curtis Rhodes

Don King

John Carney

Dora Natella

Josh Miller
Honore Lee

Rodman Goodwin

Russell Pensyl

Diana-Sofia Estrada

Alexandra Lewis

West Michigan Redux group Exhibition illuminates some of the obscure influences within the teacher/student relationship in art schools. A more apt description is the “mentor/mentee” relationship. The show will bring together work from one specific school’s professors and students from a specific era. Initiated by a group of four students of Western Michigan University from the 80s, and approaching some of those faculty with whom they studied, hope to reveal the impact of our interactions.

Labna: Mayan Firewall, 2012, Curtis Rhodes