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Windows in the Packaging by Angela Michielutti

Experimentation, Exploration, and Exuberance: Give It A Try!

The call to "Give It a Try!" is an invitation to share new ideas and techniques through the creation and sharing of experimental works. Artists can answer this call by creating with a new medium, trying an unfamiliar artistic discipline, or creating something for a brand-new purpose.

41 artists from three states have been invited to showcase their artwork.

Juror Bio: Alisa E. Clark

Alisa E. Clark is an avid acrylic painter, collage maker, and experimental assemblage artist who believes in the power of creative expression—its power to help us find hope as we wait in life’s most challenging places and spaces. Alisa received a B.F.A. from Pratt Institute, and she has an M.S. in education. While her formal training has helped her understand her painting process better, it did not begin her process. Alisa began finding a peaceful “flow” while creating when she could first pick up a crayon. She did what came naturally for many engaged in the artistic process: she created in the “Right Now” while making sense of the past and wondering about the future. Alisa notices that much of her art is made in a liminal space: a place of sitting, waiting, and creating in-between “Yesterday” and “Tomorrow.” She seizes “Right Now” while capturing the past and peeking into “What’s Next.” Alisa's 2D and 3D works invite us on creative, imaginative journeys through time and space. Her experimental works are little adventures that bring a sense of hope to the present moment and invite us to share our own creative process with others. 

Alisa_E_Clark_Headshot (1).jpg

Invited Artists

Rama Ganesan - Indiana

Brandi Bowman - Indiana

Lisa Walsh - Indiana

David Miller - Michigan

Sylvia Bandyke - Michigan

Bill Schahfer - Michigan

Julie Fedolak - Michigan

Laura Cavanagh - Michigan

Mj Seltzer - Michigan

Marla Pendleton - Michigan

John Diephouse - Michigan

Catherine Orban - Michigan

Chloe Doran - Michigan

Joanna Brown - Michigan

Lorrie Abdo - Michigan

Jennifer Gatz - Michigan

Susan Sieklucki - Michigan

Kris Walker - Michigan

Pao Shan Woodward - Michigan

Janet Ledyard - Michigan

Linda Schmidt - Michigan

Sara Alexis - Michigan

David Baker - Michigan

Maya Ankenbruck - Michigan

Joan Bonnette - Michigan

Bobbie Gumino - Michigan

Angela Michielutti - Michigan

Linda Talbot Rizzolo - Michigan

Lou Rizzolo - Michigan

Mary Conley - Michigan

Marylu Dykstra - Michigan

Haley Joseph - Michigan

Mercedes Ebbers - Michigan

John Leben - Michigan

Douglas Lowe - Michigan

Tamara Fox - Michigan

Colleen O'Rourke - Michigan

Michael Koole - Michigan

Barbara Schilling - Michigan

Beth Bynum - Michigan

Garth Borovicka - Illinois

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