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Create and Connect Art Starters Schedule


Week of…


March 7-  Flow Zone and River Drawing
We will set the tone for the series in this first video…relaxing into drawing.


March 14-  Draw to Take the Edge Off
Learn about the brain/hand connection and Neurographic Art.


March 21-  Scrap Starter Drawing
Try a drawing inspired by the Surrealists and Automatic Drawing.


March 28-  Doodle Mandalas
Draw for peace and harmony.  Circular, symmetrical, and symbolic, mandalas can represent a still center in our turning world.


April 4-  Composition Basics
While the main focus of our video series is on process over product, this video will teach the basics of composing a picture to make your art “read well and look right”.


April 11-  Creative Lettering
Start with your name, a personal mantra, or a meaningful quote.  Then transform your own handwriting into art.


April 18-  Blind Contour Drawing
Look closely!  Let’s start drawing what we really see.

May - June

Create and Connect will be culminating with the community project that we are calling Block Parties.  Participants (as many as possible) of all ages and places throughout our community will be invited to turn building blocks into autobiographical art.  These story blocks will be put together (the way kids build for play) to create collaborative sculptures representing our community connections.  Watch for more information to come!

Join us for Art Classes at the Liberty Hyde Bailey Museum

Join us for Art Classes at the Liberty Hyde Bailey Museum

Art from Nature

May 7th, 2022 11 AM - 1 PM  Parent- Child Workshop

(Children over age of 5 with one to two children per adult recommended) Pre-registration Recommended. 

Be inspired by the wonders of nature in the Bailey Gardens. 

Get ready to host or prepare a block party

Find a block party on our events calendar

Drawing and Creative Journaling from Nature

May 21st, 2022 11 AM - 1 PM  Teen and Adult Workshop

Pre-registration Recommended.

Sitting quietly with nature can be peaceful and meditative. Combined with the act of creating, the experience can be even more wondrous. 

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