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(re)bound: the altered book 

June 10 through July 23, 2022 


Meet the juror, Vicki VanAmeyden


Vicki VanAmeyden is an artist/printmaker residing in southwest Michigan. She received an MFA in Painting from Western Michigan University with a concentration in printmaking and a BFA in Illustration from Kendall School of Design. Her diverse and interdisciplinary approach to art making often includes the use of text and non-traditional materials. VanAmeyden’s work has been exhibited and acknowledged with awards at regional and national levels.

Thank you to Kerry Hagy and the South Haven Center for the Arts for inviting me to jury
(re)bound: the altered book competition. And, thank you to all of the artists who submitted
such strong work. I was awed and inspired by the incredible diversity of altered books.
Choosing approximately 30 of them was a remarkable and difficult task. Identifying a
required number of art works in order to make a robust exhibition is a painful process of
elimination. If your work was not included, do not be discouraged. Keep making.

The altered book theme encouraged a wealth of brilliant, artistic responses. And these
responses created a true challenge when deciding what to leave in and what to leave out.
Most of the submissions were well photographed, and this is essential for communicating
with a juror. Overall, the submissions showcased intense originality, clear artistic voice, and
impressive technical skills.

In the initial selection process, my primary concern was with the submission meeting the
entry criteria. My decision-making then turned to how I was being moved and
engaged—whether with innovative use of materials, a conceptual challenge, or both. I
appreciated being surprised with innovative solutions to every artist’s mission of unifying
medium, form, and content. Some pieces simply bowled me over with the beauty inherent in
the fine craft and detail of their making. Many of the altered books included here are
visually stunning and arresting.

My hope is that the audience enjoys this exhibition. I most certainly enjoyed my role in
helping to create it. A heartfelt ‘congratulations’ to the artists who have their works exhibited
in (re)bound: the altered book. It was such an honor to meet you through your works.

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