Papel Picado Tutorial

Updated: Sep 23, 2020

Created by Maya Ankenbruck

Hello everyone, I am Maya, here on behalf of the South Haven Center for the Arts. Today we are going to be making Papel Picado which means punched or perforated paper, like a hole punch. The Papel Picado is used for various celebrations and they are very vibrant in color. They will be hung throughout the streets of Mexico for Dia de los Muertos festival, or Day of the Dead. A day for Honoring our ancestors who have passed. Maybe you would like to remember a grandparent or a beloved pet while making your own Papel Picado. 

Papel Picado is considered Mexican Folk Art. They are flags, or banners that display images to represent different things. Common symbols in Papel Picado art are, birds, flowers and nature and skeletons. At the South Haven Center for the Arts we are focused on Frida Kahlo and different aspects of her art pieces. I feel that these representations of the Papel Picado Tradition relates well to the Frida Kahlo theme as they are cultural, floral, symbolical as much of surreal art is, and the colors have different meanings, as do many colors in Frida Kahlo’s art. 

Frida Kahlo's Art-