Evolution of the South Haven Center for the Arts

By Nancy Albright

From artists meeting in private homes and churches to 600 Phoenix St., the South Haven Center for the Arts has a long-standing tradition of sharing art with the community beginning in 1951 with a group of women who worked together to form an art league “for the purpose of giving South Haven an annual art exhibit.”

The American Association of University Women sponsored the formation of the South Haven Art League, and the original charter was adopted on March 15, 1951. Mrs. Natalie S. Federsen was elected Chairman of the Board. Serving alongside Mrs. Federsen were Alternate Chairman Mrs. E. R. Shoop, Recording Secretary Mrs. George Corliss, Corresponding Secretary Mrs. Kathryne Everson, Treasurer Mrs. Albert Labz, and Registrar Mrs. Marshall Mackey. Mrs. Neil Goodrich, Mrs. Robert Anderson, Mrs. June Gale, Mrs. Frank Chaddock, Mrs. Horace Brown, and Mrs. John C. Kerr served on various League committees.