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2020 South Haven Art Fair

Updated: Nov 5, 2020

2020 will go down in history as one of the most extraordinary times of this century. Here, the South Haven Center for the Arts features the works of the more than 100 artists chosen to exhibit their work at the 2020 South Haven Art Fair, which was not possible to hold this year due to Michigan lockdowns, which included large events. Scroll down to see ceramics, drawing, fiber arts, glass, 2D and 3D mixed media, paintings, photography, sculpture, jewelry, and wood. Please click the links to see additional work of this group of talented artists. Congratulations to all the artists that were juried into this year's fair!

Functional and Decorative Clay

Kelly Lyons and John Lucassian, Rochester Hills, Michigan

Wheel-thrown ceramic tumblers with hand-painted, layered glazes


Kathy Veverka, Coloma, Michigan

Wheel-thrown and hand-sculpted stoneware

Calla Lily Teapot

Julie Devers, Gobles, Michigan

Unique wood-fired pieces and traditionally-produced glazed stoneware

Bowl With Handle

Kyoko Magari-Ball, South Bend, Indiana

Hand-thrown and slab-constructed functional and decorative ceramics inspired by the Japanese style

Tea Bowl

Hope Wallace, Van Wert, Ohio

One of a kind, hand-carved, sculptural and functional stoneware items, including glazed and fired pond fountains, bird feeders, bee feeders, wall plaques, toad homes, planters, and totems

Toad Abode

Scott Obernberger, Racine, Wisconsin

Wheel-thrown or hand-built functional stoneware, often carved, and glazed in various colors

Patchwork Bowl

Kyle Carpenter, Asheville, North Carolina

Half wheel-thrown and half hand-built water fountains and planters for indoor outdoor use

Mushroom Stump Waterfall

Jan Sadowski, Howell, Michigan

Hand-built or wheel-thrown high fired pottery

Ceramic Serving Plates

Stan Baker, Ann Arbor, Michigan

Wheel-thrown and hand-carved stoneware with underglaze brushwork in cobalt blues and copper greens with with copper flash raku

World Globes

Jason Parsley, Cincinnati, Ohio

Hand-thrown and hand-decorated stoneware using a glaze trailing technique to create a 3D effect

Annuals Nouveau Vessel

Barry Braun, Grass Lake, Michigan

Traditional wheel-thrown and hand-built functional table and bakeware for home use

Popover Pan

Thomas and Sarah Gelsanliter, Milan, Michigan

Hand-crafted stoneware tiles and pottery with intricate carved designs glazed in multiple colors. Tiles and ornaments are pressed while pottery is wheel-thrown and assembled.

Wall Vases


Brian McKelvey and Lyle Van Amburg, St. Johns, Michigan

Pen and ink, hand-drawn artwork in the pop art genre on Crescent watercolor board with a watercolor wash. Roughly 250 hours spent on each original scene, which is researched in the actual town.

Pubs of West Lafayette

Stan Piepenburg, Wauwatosa, Wisconsin

Created with various colors of ink applied with pen and brush to form a spacious image of contrast and serenity

Morning Mist

John Stoeckley, Louisiana, Missouri

Pen and ink drawings with watercolor of colleges and universities throughout the Midwest

Lake Forest College

Richard Gullett, Rudolph, Ohio

Classified as pen and ink—better known as Doodles on Steroids—these highly-detailed, labor intensive, unique fine-line images are based mostly on mythology and composed of numerous Dark Designs hidden within



Michele Marion, Sand Lake, Michigan

Handwoven rugs and table runners made from materials like alpaca wool and upholstery salvaged from textile mills. Pieces are woven using original rug weaving Union looms dating from1898.


Philippe Laine, Palm Beach Gardens, Florida

100% original, hand-painted silk decorative items

Blue Heron 2019

Natalya Hrecznyj, Livonia, Michigan

Hand-stitched, hand-tooled original designs.100% handmade bags, bracelets, key chains, wallets, notebooks, bags, purses, and other items

Leather Box

Judith Brook, Three Rivers, Michigan

Moondance Fiber Art

Art of original design to use and wear: clothing, headwear, scarves, colorful woven rugs, knit, hand-woven, crochet, and felted items using exotic yarns and fibers, beads, feathers, vintage lace, and buttons

Freeform Crochet Wrap

Anna Algers & Monika LeVan, Montgomery, Ohio

Original designs and patterns made from high quality cotton. Items are hand-cut, serged, and hand-sewn or standard-machined in small batches.

Sunglasses Holders

Mary Bradshaw, Grand Rapids, Michigan

Baskets are made from rope-wrapped strips of fabric to form each basket of original design

Fabric Coiled Tote

Amos Amit, Los Angeles, California

Finely-detailed original Batiks, designed using an Egyptian cotton hot wax and dye process

Mt. High


Alan Sievers, Batavia, Illinois

Contemporary stained glass in the copper foil technique with sculptural or layered elements and various metal and glass materials

Multi Grid

Mark Wagar, Riga, Michigan

Hand-blown glass made from hard yet fragile industrial materials

Powder Frit Offset

Garrett Wheeler, Toledo, Ohio

Hand-blown functional and decorate glass

Blue Green Earthtone Bowl and Platter

Jennie DeWitt, Hastings, Michigan

Functional works of art created using the same methods as the “Old Masters of Glass”

By the Sea

Sheron Davis, Decatur, Georgia

Original fused glass designs using the copper foil method and two to four layers of glass, many containing natural items for added interest and dimension

Glass Dance

Ed Martin, Springfield, Illinois

Layered mosaics of original design made from dicroic glass that is fused and slumped into custom molds, then framed with handmade glass frames and mounted into shadowboxes


Kathleen Standard, Three Rivers, Michigan

Tree of Life

Original stained glass windows and garden art pieces made with the Tiffany copper foil technique

Mystical Maiden Dreamcatcher

Mixed Media (2D)

Jason Rodriguez and Heather Dickens, Metairie, Louisiana

Mulitple layers of materials ranging from acrylic paint, inks, spray paint, and digital collages made on gallery-wrapped canvas and artist wood panels.

Astro #1

Brinton and Claire Farrand, Cicero, Indiana

Vibrantly colored collages created by layering latex paint in "dribbles," spray paint, and collage combined with oil for a unique composition

Amber Graffiti Girl

Crocifissa Grillo, High Springs, Florida

Unique designs painted on cedar and canvas using an old world art of Fresco technique


Anne Murphy, Newport News, Virginia

Acrylic paint combined with various media and manipulated with a palette knife to create organically fluid abstract work. The media includes water, alcohol, and glazing liquid.

Wave III

Karen Heuton, Johnston, Iowa

Acrylic mixed with molding paste, ground stones, beads, paper, and other materials to create texture on canvas using tools, palette knife, and brush. Painting only originals in a contemporary style.

Beach 11

Arlaina Marie, Brook, Indiana

Archival paper strips are individually painted and glued consecutively to a backing sheet resulting a slightly offset 3D effect. Finished pieces appear to cascade once framed behind glass.

Doorway to a Dream

Derek Christensen, Chicago, Illinois

Artwork is made from vintage license plates entirely cut by hand with tin snips

David Bowie

Mixed Media (3D)

John Formato, Depew, New York

Recycled railroad spikes welded to different metals depicting people in their profession, or playing a sport or musical instrument. Larger pieces hand cut from PNO steel.

Walkway Over the Hudson

Acrylics, Oils, Watercolors

Robyn Saunders, Plainfield, Illinois

Beach scenes and custom pet portraits using thickened paints and varnishing techniques to create dimension

Lido Beach

Megan Cannon, Benton Harbor, Michigan

Jewel-toned oils atop golden acrylic backgrounds to infuse each piece with a sense of whimsy and wonder slightly different from reality

The Cloud Rests

Susan Anderson, Jenison, Michigan

Acrylic paints, gel mediums, and other unique textures derived from nature's colors. Elements distributed on tongue in groove barn wood paneling.

My LIfe's Journey

Lorraine Orner, Gary, Indiana

Oils or acrylics on canvas and wood board. Oils painted in-studio, acrylics painted en plein air.

Tennessee River

Anna Barnhart, Kalamazoo, Michigan

Whimsical, abstract, moody, local subjects and natural-themed acrylic paintings using a palette knife and texture-making tools

Colorful Vineyard

Paula Lawrence, Grand Rapids, Michigan

Paintings created with with oils or heavy body acrylics and modeling paste on stretched linen or cotton canvas and finished with varnish. Some artwork incorporates floetrol to create "acrylic pour" paintings.


Cara Van Leuven, Highland, Illinois

Vibrant base layers with complimentary or contrasting top colors in oil, cold wax, and Galkyd applied with a palette knife

Grays for Days

Sabrina Zhou, Carmel, Indiana

Representational and expressionistic still lifes and landscapes in oil

Cook Creek Park

Brian Murphy, Newport News, Virginia

Original plein air and studio oil paintings of cityscapes from the US and Europe using a loose yet descriptive brushwork technique combined with a limited palette and attention to natural light

Under the Oak

Emily Winkel, Grand Rapids, Michigan

Portraits, Michigan-inspired scenes, holiday scenes, and florals created using variety of watercolors with ink, pastels, and oils. Prints and greeting cards also made based on original artwork.

Spring Florals 2020

C Lang Coleman, Grand Rapids, Michigan

Original designs hand-cut, mitered, drawn, painted, and finished on canvas


Leon Ruiz, Naples, Florida

Acrylic paint on canvas or board sketched with a brush followed by a brush and palette knife technique to add layers of color

Life in the City II

Rosa Chavez, Naples, Florida

Acrylic paint on canvas or board sketched with a brush and followed by a brush and palette knife technique to add layers of color

Island in the Sun

Bradley Goff, Grand Rapids, Michigan

Textured oil paintings consisting of multiple layers of oil paints

Solitude Sailboat Series, Painting 8

Chris Klassen, Akron, Ohio

Realistic and abstract artwork painted with acrylics, and acrylics combined with charcoal or oil pastels, to create layered colors, texture, and space

Waterway Forest

Shinichi Sato, Kentwood, Michigan

Acrylic mediums supported on canvas/watercolor/Japanese papers and created using gesso/modeling paste followed by layered acrylic glazes

Moonlight Castle

Janice Garrett, Kalamazoo, Michigan

Original watercolors created by layering transparent watercolors onto a detailed drawing on cold press watercolor paper

A Tangle of Sweet Peas

Justin Sato, Caledonia, Michigan

Original paint recipes layered onto Arches paper that is coated in gesso made from powdered sapphire. Washes are layered with brushwork accents to highlight subjects with unique properties.

Venetian Vertical No. 2

James Gorman, Grand Rapids, Michigan

Paintings By Gorman

Animal and human landscapes balanced with shadow and reflections painted with oils on canvas


Mary Lou Morgan, Monroeville, Indiana

Purple Dandelion Art Studio

Pen and ink paintings of botanical flowers and scenery

Orienpetlily Botanical Drawing

Godwin Kou, Alpharetta, Georgia

Brushed watercolors and ink on rice paper or silk

Gold Pond

Randi Ford, Grand Rapids, Michigan

Acrylic paintings filled with life and energy that capture the beauty and spirit of the Michigan landscape

The Evolving Adventure


John Galbo, Saginaw, Michigan

Digital photographs captured in high resolution RAW format, then processed to ensure they are vibrant, dynamic and print-ready

Palau de Musical

Nels Johnson, New Smyrna Beach, Florida

Color photographs of architectural detail, printed on paper and framed under glass

Closeup a Florida Poly

R. C. Fulwiler, Lakeland, Florida

Images of wit, humor, and coincidence created by blending digital files in Photoshop, which emulates traditional darkroom photography and produces work to archival standards

Dare to Dream

Jeff Thamert, Titusville, Florida

Hahnemuhle fine art paper is coated with liquid UV to create rich tones and sharp contrast, and to protect and add depth and texture. Each piece is framed in artist-cut hardwood frames.

The Angel Oak

Michael Jasinski – McIntosh, Florida

Tropical landscape photography featuring Michigan and Florida beaches taken in a single exposure and printed on canvas. Each image is printed, framed, and signed by the artist.

Phantom of the Aqua

Drake Olmstead, Battle Creek, Michigan

Nature and landscape photography printed on paper, metal, and gallery wrap canvases

Fishtown Winter Scene 2

Rita Anthony, Hammond, Indiana

Digital photography with minimal editing done in Lightroom and/or Luminar on metal, canvas, or paper

My Kind of Town

Donald Bomeli, Grand Blanc, Michigan

B/W photo enlargements, some from film and some from digital images, matted and mounted on acid-free board

Windmills on Mykonos

John Wagner, East Lansing, Michigan

Enlarged photographic aerial prints of Michigan lighthouses

Big Sable Point Lighthouse

Scott Sternberg, Tremont, Illinois

Images captured in 35mm format, hand printed on paper or canvas for best color, detail, and quality

River Gorge Bridge


Bruce and Christine Green, Micanopy, Florida

A painting in dyes is scanned and repainted digitally, then mono-prints with heat and pressure are used to transfer the dyes into painted layers onto aluminum

Aqua Man


James and Sharra Cook, Hesperia, Michigan

Copper tubing hand-formed into orbital sprinklers and kinetic wind spinners accented with gazing balls or hand cut figurines

Stationary Snail Sprinkler

Casey Bell, Grand Rapids, Michigan

Blocks of limestone or marble intuitively carved using hand tools and various abrasives to create expressive, figurative sculpture

Rain Man

Atticus McFadden-Keesling, Clarkston, Michigan

Designs forged in hot steel using a mechanical hammer, air chisels, hammers, anvil, and other tools. Designs stem from the clay-like nature of steel.

Heron Fire Tool Set

Joseph Goddard, Wilburton, Oklahoma

Customized to each customer's hand by creating a mold made from dental material filled with gypsum cement, then peeled, carved, and base-mounted

Couple and Baseball

Wayne Harshberger, Goshen, Indiana

Alabaster stone hand-carved into abstract and semi-realistic sculptures, many into Mobius Strips

Pluto's Demise #7

Michael and Gayle Riley, Rochester Hills, Michigan

Brass musical instruments, sewing machines, fine mahogany, and other found objects that are folded, screwed, nailed, and bolted together to create whimsical creatures, cars, boats, and other items

Smart Phone Amplifiers

Ruben Medina, Cape Coral, Florida

Sacred & Profane Sculptures

Wall and 3D sculptures modeled with epoxy clay, decorated with real shells, and painted with acrylics. Some artworks are covered with metal coating and oxydized with natural patina.

Female Torso

Todd and Nancy Kime, Toledo, Ohio

Welded metal, and fused glass sculpture



Roselyn Mendez, Shepherdstown, West Virginia

Hand-fabricated botanical jewelry in copper, brass, bronze, and sterling with patinated and hand-painted details.


April Seybold, Portage, Michigan


Artwork created primarily in silver using traditional metalsmithing techniques, including casting, keum boo, 24k gold fusing, etching, embossing, hydraulic press, and soldering and stone setting

Mother and Child Necklace

Javier Baron, St. Augustine, Florida


Made with .950 nickel-free sterling silver, settings and components are hand-shaped and soldered using files, pliers, and a torch gun to mold and form each work

Reversible Stone and Shell Rings

Ann McFadden, Waterford, Michigan

Designs by Ann Marie

Original designs created using various techniques like fold-forming, enameling, organic castings, and mukagame. Stones are cut and gound by the artist.

Iridescent Variscite Pendant

Sandy Inman, Holland, Michigan

Bold, modern jewelry designs in precious metals utilizing traditional metalsmithing techniques, including reticulation, fold forming, and free-form casting

Bumblebee Jasper Bracelet and Pendant

Christina King Ziegler, Lake Geneva, Wisconsin

Artwork fabricated with 14kt GF, sterling silver wire, and sheet stock using hammering, soldering, and metal forming techniques. Bezel settings with semi-precious stones and fine crystals.